Power, Equality; Always Cee Everything

there is no gravity in space

In a certain way we all are little stars,

floating through the ocean of eternity,

Illuminating the shadows of the universe.

Or like our little prince, each on our own little planet.

Circling around the suns,

thinking that we all live together on the same big planet.

Wondering why the king doesn’t hear anybody.

And why he isn’t heard by anyone.

Gazing into space as something far, far away.

Forgotten, a long time ago, that we ourselves are the stars.

And the big planet we all live on just a second in the waterfall of time,

a drop in the everlasting ocean.

Feeling heavy and tired,

feeling the burden of the material.

The fluid, the pulp, the flesh, the bones.

Emotions turned into material copies of our imagination.

All these beautiful worlds from inside,

Floating through space, waiting,

to be shown in the skies of the living,

to be seen by the eyes of the knowing,

to be opened in the hearts of the loving.

A manifestation of the human being,

The satisfaction of being needed,

As the comfort of being unreachable.

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Thema door Anders Norén