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No but

I just thought,

That when you start something,

the first theme/issue you are going to discuss, would be why you called it that way.

So why the “Start-Screen”  is about “Home”

but the name of the game is “Dissobedience”

So here’s the start, why “Home” is so important that it’s on the “Start-Screen”

I did not know how to get into the configurations of the title, how to turn of the function of the “Title”, to;

That there is no Title…

But the “Huge Title” would stay,

now the problem is,

That it is in that position on the layout, that it looks (implies) like a “Title”

But, the “home site”  has no Title, it’s just the reset button, like you go home and start again, so “Home” , the start, beginning .

The most famous ever  “press start-screen”

So because I could not get the start-screen have the same Title as the game, because it’s “Dissobedience” and not “Home”,

I had to adept in some kind of way…

So I think “f#ck it”, then I write something about “home”

Than the “start-screen” will be not the Title, but a quote/ idea that gives the feeling of the genre of the game…

So that’s the story behind “Home”


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